Photos courtesy of Brian Brose, Cameron Browne, Gabrielle Colton, Kimchee Love, Jon Meyer.


This is Jon’s first full-length documentary film, though he has been involved in filmmaking for over a decade and has his own short-form documentary series featuring musicians, titled Kontrast. A musician himself, and also a music video filmmaker, he won “Best Editing” at the Ibiza Music Video Festival in Spain for My Goodness’ “Cold Feet Killer”. His artistry as a musician and music-video maker brings a compelling energy to his work, and his willingness to put himself in the center of the Portland protests, night after night, is the reason this documentary exists.


Born and raised in Portland, Julianne’s involvement in the community is timeless. Her warmth, compassion, and ability to reach hearts and minds makes her a wonderful host and moderator. Actress, director, Grammy-nominated recording artist, and celebrated international entertainer, Julianne is also a professor of music at Portland Community College.


To maintain focus on Black and Native perspectives every cut of the film garnered creative feedback from a focus group of advisors. These Black and Native editorial consultants’ perspectives came from experiences of activism, tribal relations, education, community strategy, documentary making, parenting, social theory, and ministry.


TOC is a nonprofit, historic landmark and concert hall in Portland, Oregon. TOC‘s dual mission is to produce and present programs that reflect and enhance the cultural life of the community, and to preserve and celebrate the building’s historic architecture.

Some Serious Business advances social and cultural change through multi-platform creative initiatives and productions. Artists have always been in the forefront of social and cultural innovation, and at Some Serious Business, the artist always comes first.

TOC‘s We Can Listen series strives to build community, educate, and share the positive impact that truly listening to diverse voices can have on us all. Through a cultural intersection of storytelling, film, music, poetry, dance, and personal expression, we demonstrate that listening can be the most profound action we can take.