Photos courtesy of Brian Brose, Cameron Browne, Gabrielle Colton, Kimchee Love, Jon Meyer.

In May 2020, following the death of George Floyd, Portland, Oregon, became the focus of media attention for its protests and demonstrations against systemic racism and police brutality. Tipping Point is a documentary film about the largest civil rights protest in U.S. history, and how Portland emerged as its epicenter. Told through the individual stories of Portlanders on the ground, Tipping Point humanizes the struggle while allowing Portland’s story to serve as a mirror for all of America – the past that brought us here and the future we must choose.  

Tipping Point reaches for a deeper, depoliticized look at the city’s spotlight-grabbing reckoning through compelling interviews by Julianne R. Johnson and gorgeous footage captured by director Jon Meyer. It creates an opportunity for members of the Portland community to examine the recent protests through the perspectives of local protesters, police, activists, live-streamers, historians, and civil rights advocates, in a way that goes beyond the mass-media representation of tear gas, flash-bangs and people screaming.

The majority of the footage for Tipping Point was captured by the director, Jon Meyer, as he showed up night after night to witness the Portland protests, and the perspective comes from wherever he was standing at a given time. Along the way, people volunteered their live-stream footage for use, and their time to be interviewed. As word spread about the project, a few generous donors offered funds to help cover the start-up costs of making the film. No one involved in producing this documentary will receive profits or royalties. All profits will be distributed to benefit BIPOC-owned and operated businesses and organizations, and will be directed back into the community where these protests are happening. 

Directed by Jon Meyer. Co-produced by Julianne R. Johnson. A WE CAN LISTEN Production. Executive Producer TOC. Co-Executive Producer Some Serious Business.